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Gymkana 994 Electronic Key Cutting Machine



KEYLINE USA (Bianchi USA, Inc)

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Compact automotive key cutting machine. Includes U-clamp, cutter and tracer.



  • Complete database of codes.
  • Cuts by code, decode or depths for high security and double-sided edge cut keys.
  • Z-axis allows for self-aligning universal U clamp.
  • No tip stops and adaptors needed for most vehicles.
  • One cutter and tracer used for high security and double-sided edge cut keys.
  • Chip tray allows for easy chip removal.



Weight approx. 42 lbs
Power supply 110v/60Hz V/Hz/A
Power consumption 0.120 kW
Dimensions (L x W x H) 12 x 18 x 12 (machine) inch



772-OPZ11279B V CLAMP + V012 CUTTER FOR GYMKANA 994 $661.00 Add to cart
772-RIC05274B V012 Cutter for V Clamp $149.00 Add to cart
772-RIC05350B T00 Cutter Calibration Tool $57.00 Add to cart
772-RIC07786B V037 Cutter $157.00 Add to cart
772-RIC10952B Calibration Template $51.00 Add to cart



772-BI910 Gymkana Replacement Console $2,169.00 Add to cart
772-OPZ11114B Replacement U-Clamp $917.00 Add to cart
772-RIC10741B Replacement Shield $199.00 Add to cart
772-RIC10876B Gymkana 994 Cutter Belt $54.00 Add to cart


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